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Rational Therapeutics

Our labratory analyzes living tumor cells, which are kept in 3-D clusters (microspheroids) that mimic the body’s environment. By examining cells in their native state, we take a snapshot of how they behave when exposed to various drugs, combinations and new targeted therapies. Click to View What We Do

These microspheroids reflect the complex elements of the body’s cellular environment which has proven critical for the accurate prediction of clinical response. A true chemosensitivity test. And, we have been successfully refining and providing this service to patients for 20 years.

Founded in 1995, Rational Therapeutics is a fully accredited laboratory with the sole purpose of testing cancer cells to determine which chemotherapy or targeted agent will kill an individual’s cancer cells. Through clinical trials, our technology (the Ex Vivo Analysis of Programmed Cell Death – EVA-PCD) has been shown to double response rates and increase survival times.

While no laboratory test can exactly duplicate the human body, the EVA-PCD assay can help identify cancer cells’ inherent sensitivity and resistance to specific drugs, combinations and/or targeted therapies. For this reason, we refer to the results from this laboratory test as a “functional profile,” since the results provide insight on how a patients cancer cells function when confronted with chemotherapies and targeted therapies.
It is through the use of the EVA-PCD functional profile that patients can avoid unnecessary toxic treatments and begin an effective treatment plan developed individually to kill their cancer.  
My physicians and I did not know what chemotherapy treatment we should try next. My husband, a medical director of several hospital laboratories in Cincinnati, and I turned to several highly respected national cancer centers for treatment consultations. The experts agreed that there were several chemotherapeutic drugs available for treatment.
Each of these drugs potentially had a small chance of producing a treatment response. However, no one knew which one of these drugs had a best chance of treatment response so my treatment could only be dictated through sheer trial and error. Was my body strong enough to test out several chemotherapy regimens? There was clearly no chance that I would live long enough to test the various treatment options.Read about Elizabeth Panke, MD and her successful battle with advanced ovarian cancer.
In addition to offering our proven technology, Rational Therapeutics is the only cancer testing laboratory with an onsite oncologist/hematologist, and author of the book Outliving Cancer, Robert A. Nagourney, MD, who is available for clinical consultation and second opinions.