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Cancer treatment options
Finally, Rational Theraphy

Finally, Rational Therapy

More than 20 years ago, our founder, Robert A. Nagourney, MD, began studying cancer biology to better understand its seemingly fickle and often unpredictable response to therapy. His guiding principal was to treat each patient’s cancer as unique, instead of treating patients using predetermined protocols based on diagnosis. In 1993, this quest to provide personalized cancer therapies lead to the founding of Rational Therapeutics.

At Rational Therapeutics, we guide the personalized treatment of cancer patients through a rational approach known as “functional profiling.” Our proprietary Ex Vivo Analysis—Programmed Cell Death (EVA-PCD) platform incorporates the most advanced and accurate methodology to test YOUR cancer’s sensitivity to various drugs and combinations. Your cancer is unique; your treatment should be too.

"When Sharon Williamson was diagnosed with breast cancer, more than 30 years ago, she did exactly what the doctor told her to. “You just did it and you didn’t question it. Today, the patient plays a more active role and can participate in treatment decisions by having a dialogue with his or her doctor.” Decades later, after her third cancer battle, Sharon opted for the functional profiling offered at Rational Therapeutics." Read Sharon Williamson’s entire story

We test your cancer against a number of standard chemotherapies, as well as (when applicable) the newest molecularly targeted agent. The number of drugs analyzed is based upon both the quantity and quality of the tumor sample received. Typically, our laboratory analyzes your tumor’s response to 8-16 drugs and combinations to identify which treatments will work best to kill your cancer.

Why use your body to investigate a drug’s effectiveness, when we can garner the results safely and in a timely manner?

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