Director, Patient/Physician Relations

Shari came to Rational Therapeutics in 1996 with 11 years experience in medical laboratory sales and customer service.

When contacting Rational Therapeutics, Shari is usually the first person you meet—whether by phone, e-mail or in person. With her compassionate nature and understanding of the science behind the lab’s work, Shari typifies "Hope is Practiced Here."

"I truly believe in what we do and have seen so many miraculous outcomes, from those newly diagnosed to patients who have been turned away by other physicians with no hope left. Cancer treatments should not be "One Size Fits All." Cancer patients are unique individuals and need to be treated that way—with hope, honor and dignity."

Shari is the principal liaison between Dr. Nagourney, his patients and their families. She interacts with referring physicians and hospitals to facilitate specimen collection, transportation, and reporting.

Shari is the Rational Therapeutics representative to the Vanguard Cancer Foundation where she interacts with patients and the Foundation to further the awareness of assay-directed therapies and to provide assistance for those patients in financial need.

As the mother of two boys, Shari has learned how to remain calm and serene through emotional and chaotic situations. She fully understands the impact a cancer diagnosis has—not only on the patient, but also on the entire family. Shari balances her own life and stress by teaching Jazzercise. But, she derives great pleasure from the patients who call, years later, to share their stories of active, cancer-free lives.

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