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Vanguard Cancer Foundation

Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to touch the lives of many patients and their families. In return, they have given so much back to us. Throughout this site you’ll read the stories of hope from current and former patients who have undergone assay testing at our laboratory.

In 1994, we tested Jake D. Phillips, a lung cancer patient with advanced disease. Although we were not able to cure his cancer, we found a treatment that gave him added time and value to his life — a fact for which his sister, Loretta Stamos, was forever thankful.

To show her appreciation and help others fighting cancer, Loretta created the Vanguard Cancer Foundation. Born from the dream of one dedicated physician and the love of a sister for her brother, Vanguard Cancer Foundation is a nonprofit entity with a mission to empower cancer patients through education, awareness and financial assistance to make informed decisions about their best chemotherapy options.

Vanguard provides for programs to educate patients and the public about personalized care for cancer treatment. It also funds endeavors that further the progress of specific research projects, which support, validate and advance the assay-directed approach for selecting drugs and combinations for cancer patients.

At Rational Therapeutics, our goal is to avoid ever saying “no” to a financially disadvantaged patient. Thanks to the support of Vanguard, we are almost always able to reach this goal. Vanguard Cancer Foundation grants financial aid strictly to individuals who are unable to afford the cost of the EVA-PCD test.

Each patient’s application is reviewed and voted on by the Board of Directors. There is no discrimination based on age, gender, race or religion.

Visit the Vanguard Cancer Foundation to learn how you or a loved one can apply for a grant or contribute to a great cause.

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