Targeting Cell Pathways

Targeting Cancer Therapies

At Rational Therapeutics, in addition to testing your tumor against a number of chemotherapeutics, we also (when applicable) test the effectiveness of new, molecularly targeted agents in treating your cancer. Our EVA-PCD TARxGET™ assay is the future of cancer testing.

Today, scientists have come to realize that cancer biology — indeed, all biology — is driven by signaling pathways. Simply put, cells speak to each other and the messages they send are interpreted via intracellular pathways known as signal transduction. Picture these pathways as if they were phone lines, linking one cell to another.

Many of these pathways are activated or deactivated by chemical reactions. In some cases, programmed cell death is inhibited when these pathways are disrupted. When the cell does not die, as it should normally, cancer forms.

In recent years, research has lead to the creation of “small molecules” to regulate these chemical reactions. Hundreds of these “targeted agents” are currently in development for cancer treatment.

While many physician scientists are using genomic or proteomic testing to detect mutations in these pathways, we have taken a different approach. Using functional profiling, we measure the end result of pathway activation or deactivation in the individual. We can then predict whether you will actually respond to a targeted agent. To date, our results with lung cancer patients have exceeded the reported results of those who have based treatment regimens on DNA profiles.

The new, targeted agents have much less toxicity and harmful side effects than chemotherapeutic drugs. Targeted agents are the treatments of the future. But, with the EVA-PCD TARxGET, they can be your treatments — today.

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