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Cancer treatment options

Breast Cancer

Keeping the faith was the number one goal for Esperanza Byrd when she was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer in September 2010. Her faith became even stronger when her friend and bible studies coordinator informed her about Robert Nagourney, MD and his work at Rational Therapeutics, where he offered Ex-Vivo Analysis – Programmed Cell Death (EVA-PCD).

Esperanza’s friend was first introduced to Dr. Nagourney when he treated her own sister for breast cancer. Impressed by his work and care, she urged Esperanza to make an appointment at Rational Therapeutics. “At first, it was pretty scary,” Esperanza recalled. She was raising her two granddaughters and was concerned about who would care for them if she no longer could. “It felt like I was in a dream and it wasn’t really happening.” she said. Thankfully, Dr. Nagourney and his staff helped Esperanza navigate through the difficult time. “He was very straightforward, passionate about his work and gave me hope with the assay-testing he provided, which identified the best treatment.”

Today, Esperanza is managing her breast cancer with the help of Dr. Nagourney and his team. “There has been a lot of progress made in cancer treatments and the side effects are manageable.” She highly recommends cancer patients to seek Dr. Nagourney’s advice when it comes to chemo-therapy, and use to the assay testing offered at Rational Therapeutic as it can save their lives.”

“Thank you, Dr. Nagourney, for spending time with me, answering all of my questions and explaining your assay testing and case studies. I cannot thank you enough for providing me with the best treatment that ultimately saved my life.”

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