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With rare exception, all human cancers present the treating physician with therapeutic choices. Even the most curable malignancies, such as acute leukemias and lymphomas, are managed with varied combinations, each emphasizing specific classes of drugs. Solid tumors like lung, ovarian or breast cancer pose additional therapeutic choices.

"For more than five years and nearly 100 times, I have utilized the Rational Therapeutics predictive test for tumor chemosensitivity. The information influenced my treatment decisions at least 70% of the time, and there were many examples of extraordinary responses to drugs or combinations of drugs, which I never would have considered without the information." R. Michael Williams, MD, PhD, California Medical Oncologist. Read what other colleagues have to say.

Among the most powerful use of the Rational Therapeutics Ex-Vivo Analysis of Programmed Cell Death (EVA-PCD) platform is its application to select amongst comparable options. NSCLC patients face the choice of platinum plus Taxol versus Platinum plus Navelbine. Ovarian cancer patients must weigh Taxol plus Platinum against the newer combinations of topotecan or gemcitabine. Regrettably, equivalent response likelihoods do not automatically translate into equivalent responses.

The EVA-PCD platform provides a real-time snapshot of how human tumors behave within their natural microenvironment. Each microspheroid examined contains all the complex elements of tumor biosystems that are found in the human body. By examining small clusters of cancer cells in their native state, we measure the tumor's behavior in response to drug exposure and identify which drug or drug combination induces cell death.

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If you are interested in the process and requirements for patients undergoing the EVA-PCD platform, please see our “Test Candidates” section where you will find all of the information for obtaining and sending in samples, as well as a sample report of findings.

If you are interested in ordering an assay for a patient, download our Assay Requisition Form.

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