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Cancer treatment options
The Rational Difference

The Rational Choice Over Other Labs

While no laboratory test can exactly duplicate the human body, the Ex-Vivo Analysis – Programmed Cell Death (EVA-PCD) platform provides one of the most crucial pieces of the clinical response puzzle: identifying the inherent sensitivity of cancer cells to a drug or combinations of drugs.

“One laboratory we sent the cells to… used ‘cell proliferation' as the endpoint of testing. This method cultured my tumor cells in the presence of single chemotherapy drugs and observed which drugs prevented the tumor cells from growing. In my case, the report generated by this method showed that the three drugs that best prevented the growth of my tumor were the same three drugs I just failed in chemotherapy!” Elizabeth Panke, MD

At Rational Therapeutics, we do not grow, subculture or propagate cells in the lab. Tumor cells are kept in clusters (microspheroids) that mimic the body’s environment. By examining cells in their native state, we take a snapshot of their behavior in response to drugs and combinations of drugs. These microspheroids reflect the complex elements of the body’s cellular environment, which has proven critical for the accurate prediction of clinical response.

This is a significant advance over earlier methods where tumor cells were isolated and grown in the lab. These types of tests do not accurately reflect tumor response to drug treatments within the body.

We adhere to three absolute principles of accurate assay analysis:

  1. Measure cell death, not the inhibition of growth.
  2. Never grow cells. We do not grow, propagate or subculture cells. We maintain them in their native state.
  3. Preserve the ecology of cancer biology by preserving cell-to-cell interaction.  We maintain stromal, vascular and inflammatory cells that contribute to drug response.

No other laboratory techniques meet these rigorous standards of excellence.

“Rational Therapeutics exposed my tumor cells to chemotherapy drugs and observed which drugs actually killed the tumor cells. They identified a combination of drugs. Based on their recommendations, I immediately received treatment. My ascites completely resolved within three weeks of receiving their recommended regimen.” Read Dr. Elizabeth Panke’s entire story.

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