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For Cancer Patients, We Offer Real Results.  Real Hope. 

If you have cancer, you deserve the right treatment the first time, every time.  No matter whether you are newly diagnosed, not responding to your current treatment or if the cancer has recurred, we at Rational Therapeutics can help.

Each cancer patient is unique and their response to therapy is very different from one person to the next. Drugs that work for one patient may not work for another, even if they carry exactly the same diagnosis.

Cancer research pioneer and practicing oncologist, Dr. Robert Nagourney has worked 20+ years refining a laboratory technique that measures how your own cancer cells respond when they are exposed to drugs and drug combinations.

This functional profiling test can help the selection of the most effective and least toxic drug regimen for you PRIOR to initiating treatment.  

And results are available in only 7 days.

Our patients have been shown to be twice as likely to respond to a cancer treatment when chosen from this laboratory analysis compared with standard treatment regimens chosen without such testing.

By using therapies found active in the laboratory, Dr. Nagourney has been able to double response rates and improve survival for his patients.

We can test most types of cancers and samples are sent to us from all over the US and internationally.  

Why wait?  We recommend you schedule a consultation so you will better understand what the options are in your specific case.  If you cannot visit our office in Southern California, we may be able to schedule a phone or video call consultation.

Call us today at 800-542-4357 or email us through our Contact Us page to schedule a consultation or to find out how you can send a cancer sample for testing. 

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